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SSc-ILD: Key Challenges and Unmet Needs
Key Advances in the Treatment of SSc-ILD
Identifying Patients With PF-ILD


September 6th-7th 2019

Camera di Commercio di Firenze,
Piazza Mentana 1

Before the course
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Friday, September 6th, 2019

Marco Matucci Cerinic (Florence) &
Luigi Sinigaglia (Milan)

Opening lecture
Moderators: R Gerli (Perugia)
The new concept of Progressive Fibrosing Interstitial Lung Diseases
Toby Maher (London)
ILDs in rheumatic diseases
Yannick Allanore (Paris)


Saturday, SEprember 7th, 2019

Moderator: S Guiducci (Florence)
Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis today
Toby Maher (London)
Stratification and risk in SSc-ILD
Chris Denton (London)


Moderators: Nicoletta del Papa (Milan)
How to diagnose and follow up lung
involvement: current practice
Fabrizio Luppi (MIlan)
The future of lung assessment in SSc-ILD:
biomarkers, US & MRI
Marco Matucci Cerinic (Florence)

I° ILD Round-Coordinator:
Francesco Varone (Rome)
Buzz sessions: approach, diagnosis
and management of SSc ILD. Quiz imaging
with discussion on differential diagnosis,
infections and other lung diseases

Moderator: M Sebastiani (Modena)
The treatment of SSc ILD, current practice
Dinesh Khanna (Ann Arbor)
New drugs for ILD in SSc:
Nintedanib vs Tocilizumab
Oliver Distler (Zurich) vs
Chris Denton (London)

Moderator: R Giacomelli (l’Aquila)
Qualitative and quantitative SSc-ILD HRCT Imaging: Maria Elena Occhipinti (Florence)
Is lung biopsy necessary today in ILD?
Sara Tomasetti (Forlì)

II° ILD round-coordinators:
Cosimo Bruni (Florence) &
Francesca Ingegnoli (Milan)
Five case presentation by participants

Moderator: M Matucci Cerinic (Florance)
Round table (all faculty) Q&A


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