Project proposal:

The World Scleroderma Foundation (WSF) announces that a call for proposals of projects for the creation of “Ad Hoc Working Groups” is now open.

The WSF has decided to implement a limited number of special working groups to encourage discussions on important clinical (diagnostic/therapeutic) challenges and lead eventually to meaningful clinical recommendations.

The projects will be submitted to peer review and will be then strategically discussed in the WSF board and steering group. Funding from the WSF is limited to 5.000 EUR for a duration of 2 years. Therefore, the virtual management of these projects is strongly suggested.

Applications for these special working groups should be sent to Dr. Esmeralda Recalde, WSF Managing Director, at at your earliest convenience as the review will be made on demand. They should contain a 2-page description of the proposed topic with milestones, a list of participants and the budget.

Download application form

Ongoing WSF Ad Hoc Working Groups

  1. World Scleroderma Foundation Gastrointestinal Disease Working Group_ Lead investigator: Dr Michael Hughes
  2. World Scleroderma Foundation Digital Ulcer Working Group_ Lead investigator: Dr Michael Hughes
  3. World Scleroderma Foundation Skin Ultrasound Working Group _ Lead investigator: Dr Tânia Santiago