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The World Scleroderma Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental foundation based in Switzerland, promoting scleroderma research and supporting patients suffering from scleroderma.

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World Scleroderma

The World Scleroderma Foundation is dedicated to initiating and supporting research in scleroderma in all its aspects in all regions of the world. It is also committed to improving the quality of life for scleroderma sufferers and their families.

Interview with the Patron of the World Scleroderma Foundation
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Each research is a step towards hope in understanding, treating, and defeating scleroderma.

Major Grant on ILD

The Major Grant on ILD is focused on advancing innovative research in scleroderma and pulmonary fibrosis. We invite researchers from around the world to submit their projects for evaluation.

Starting Grants for
Young Investigators

Starting Grants for Young Investigators are funding opportunities designed to support innovative, high-quality research in the field of systemic sclerosis.

Ad Hoc Committee

The Ad Hoc Committees are ad hoc working groups to address significant clinical challenges and unmet needs in order to generate meaningful clinical recommendations.

Educational Activities

To facilitate patient oriented research both independently and in collaboration with other existing organizations and international societies working in this field.

Systemic Sclerosis World Congress

Every 2 years the World Scleroderma Foundation holds one of the most important congresses in Europe, successfully contributing to the knowledge of Systemic Sclerosis all over the world.


The SSc & ILD Masterclasses are conceived as a program of international events in close collaboration with regional experts and medical centers. These Masterclasses offer interested medical professionals the opportunity to participate in educational workshops led by distinguished experts in the fields of rheumatology, dermatology, cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, and clinical and experimental research.

Currently, the World Scleroderma Foundation (WSF) involves more than 60 renowned experts from key countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia allowing for master classes of the highest caliber, which are a key component of our educational activities.

ILD Symposium

Symposia are a crucial educational activity, focusing on the complexities of diseases such as RD (Rheumatic Diseases) characterized by severe pulmonary involvement and interstitial lung disease (ILD). These events bring together leading scientists and medical professionals from around the world to present and discuss the latest advances in the pathogenesis and treatment of these serious complications.

During the symposia, the emphasis is on fundamental diagnostic imaging tools, early detection of PID and the application of cutting-edge immunosuppressive and anti-fibrotic therapies, making these symposia an invaluable resource for medical professionals wishing to expand their knowledge and improve patient outcomes.


The EUSTAR COURSE is an educational initiative established in 2005 by EUSTAR (European Scleroderma Trials and Research group) to advance knowledge of scleroderma through biannual courses throughout Europe. It is designed for a broad audience, including young physicians wishing to specialize in scleroderma and medical professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge of this complex disease.

The course provides a comprehensive overview of pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment modalities, with particular emphasis on early diagnosis, selection of adjunctive tests and a spectrum of both medical and non-medical treatment options. It also provides valuable networking opportunities and is led by esteemed experts, with interactive sessions with case studies, workshops and live demonstrations to enhance participants’ clinical practice.


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The European Scleroderma Trials and Research Group, forms a core part of the World Scleroderma Foundation, dedicating its efforts to a database that tracks over 25,000 scleroderma patients since 2003. This committee is at the forefront of clinical research, empowering its members to design and execute clinical studies. You can elevate your research impact by becoming a EUSTAR Centre or contributing your clinical project to EUSTAR’s pioneering work.

JSRD is the official journal of the World Scleroderma Foundation and EUSTAR, known for its impact factor of 2. It is a premier platform for publishing original research, clinical analyses and comprehensive literature reviews, offering a global audience and connection to other researchers. Share your work with JSRD to contribute to the community and expand the reach of your research.
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Interview with Ilaria Galetti

SSc Patient Advocate