WSF is non-profit, non-governmental organization and therefore depends mainly on the funds that are raised with the help of private donations and/or corporate partnerships and/or donations

A special thanks goes to our donors. Their help is an important contribution for our foundation in the battle against scleroderma.


A donation in memory of Dr Patricia Longbottom, Scleroderma sufferer, who passed away on April 2022 was made by her surviving husband in favor of scleroderma research and patient care

Dr Patricia Longbottom

In memory of Mrs. Ivana Regonaschi who fought with all of herself the disease.

Mrs. Ivana Regonaschi, Elma reserach
In memory of our patron Aljoscha Klee who passed away a special thanks goes to

Herr Stefan Frei
Frau Esther Muenger Mathys
Wolfgang Heinen Verlag e.K.
Frau Anke Winkemann

In Memory of Michele Isch