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Starting Grants for Young Investigator

A Starting Grants for young investigators are funding opportunities provided by the World Scleroderma Foundation (WSF) designed to support innovative and high-quality research in the field of Systemic Sclerosis. Aimed specifically at young researchers under the age of 35, this grant seeks to empower the next generation of scientists to embark on their own projects with a translational perspective, encompassing both basic and clinical research. We are proud to announce the Starting Grants 2024 program whit a fund of €150,000, divided into five grants of €30,000 each.

Grant Objectives

To fund innovative research in Systemic Sclerosis, facilitating groundbreaking studies with the potential to significantly improve understanding and treatments.

Application Process


Interest Submission:submit your application directly via the form. Instead of uploading a CV, you’ll need to provide details about the Principal Investigator and the project directly in the form. Complete all required fields, including the project overview and team information.

Deadline: August 31, 2024.


Review Process: applications will undergo a thorough review by our expert committee, which will select the winning projects.
Winners will be notified via email.

Eligibility Criteria

Open to young investigators under 35 years.

Applicants must hold a temporary or tenure position at an academic or scientific institution.

Funding Details

Total funding of €150,000, offering five grants of €30,000 each.

Use of funds within 3 years.

The Pincipal Invetigator must present the final or preliminary results at the next World Congress on Systemic Sclerosis 2026.

For any questions or further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us at
We are here to assist you throughout the application process.

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